Shure SM48 LC Vocal Dynamic Cardioid Microphone The SM48 is a rugged cardioid dynamic microph..
Shure SM48-S Dynamic Cardioid Mic (Switched Version) The SM48 is a rugged cardioid dynamic mi..
  Features: Omnidirectional electret-condenser lavalier mic with cable, clip and g..
  Features For use together with FreePORT 72 in wireless guide- and lectures syste..
Sennheiser NT1-1-UK G3 PSU for ASA1 Antenna Distr Unit/L2015 Charger Features Plug-in m..
Shure SM57 Vocal Dynamic Cardioid Instrument/Vocal Microphone   It’s the most p..
Shure SM58 Industry Standard Vocal Dynamic Cardioid Mic The legendary SM58® is an in..
Shure BETA 57 A Vocal/Instrument Dynamic Supercardioid Mic   The Shure Beta 57A is a ..
Shure BETA 58 A Vocal Dynamic Supercardioid Mic   The Beta 58A dynamic vocal micropho..
The Sennheiser freePORT FP12E-UK is a complete lapel (tie-clip) radio system designed for use in..
Shure SM27 Side-Address Cardioid Studio Condenser Mic The SM27 is a rugged and versatile larg..
Shure SM7B Studio/Broadcast Cardioid Dynamic Mic The SM7B is a smooth and warm sounding micro..
Sennheiser XSW12 E Lapel System with ME2-2 Omni Lapel Mic CH70 The XS WIRELESS Presentation S..
  Sennheiser Ew 135 G3 Versatility for every style of music and presentations: you ca..